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Make Up Refrigerators

Make Up Refrigerators

Make Up Refrigerators: Having reliable, efficient and durable refrigerators in restaurant kitchens is critical for food safety and operational efficiency. Make Up refrigerators are designed to meet these requirements and offer high-performance and long-lasting solutions. In this article, we will explore in technical detail why Make Up refrigerators are an ideal choice for restaurants.

In Which Sectors Are Make Up Refrigerators Used?

Make Up refrigerators have become a preferred solution in many sectors thanks to their wide range of applications and superior performance features. Here are some sectors where Make Up refrigerators are widely used:

Restaurant and Café Sector

Restaurants and cafes need high-performance refrigerators to keep food fresh and safe. Make Up refrigerators are widely used in this sector due to their durability, large storage space and energy efficiency.

Hotel and Accommodation Sector

In hotels and other hospitality facilities, keeping a variety of food and beverages fresh is of paramount importance. Make Up refrigerators provide a reliable cooling solution in hotel kitchens, mini bars and restaurants.

Food Processing and Production Facilities

PTS-H 560 – Make Up Buzdolabı

TEKNİK ÖZELLİKLER ü  Kapasite: 560 lt ü  GN 1/4-100: 15 ü  Sıcaklık: -2/+8°C ü  Voltaj: 230V / 50 Hz ü  Enerji Tüketimi: 0,501 kW ü  Ölçü: 250x60x85/143 cm ü  Ağırlık: 198 kg ü  Kapı Sayısı: 4 ü  Paslanmaz Özelliği: 304 ü  Buzdolabı Modeli: Make Up – Yüksek     üDış ortam sıcaklığı +43°C %65 Nem Oranı üEşit sıcaklık dağılımı için yeni tasarım üSıfır ODP enjekte…

SKU: PTS-H 560

Food processing and production facilities require raw materials and processed foods to be stored at appropriate temperatures. Make Up refrigerators offer hygienic and organized storage in such facilities.

Supermarkets and Convenience Stores

Supermarkets and grocery stores need large capacity refrigerators to display and store fresh products. Make Up refrigerators ensure that products stay fresh in these environments, while also offering an aesthetic appearance.

Health and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies need reliable refrigerators for the safe storage of medicines and medical supplies. Make Up refrigerators are also used in this sector with precise temperature control and reliable performance.

Education Institutions

Universities, schools and other educational institutions have kitchens and canteens used for food services. Make Up refrigerators provide healthy and fresh food storage solutions for students and staff in such institutions.

Catering and Event Organizations

Caterers and event organizers have to store large quantities of food in a fresh and hygienic way. Make Up refrigerators offer solutions to meet the operational needs of these companies.

Durability and Quality

Make Up refrigerators are built using high-quality materials, which ensures long-lasting performance. Durable materials such as stainless steel ensure that the fridge can withstand heavy use. Restaurant kitchens are environments of constant use and high demands. Therefore, durability and quality are critical when choosing kitchen equipment.

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is a major cost factor for restaurant businesses. Make Up refrigerators are equipped with innovative energy-saving technologies. This provides an environmentally friendly option while reducing energy costs. Restaurant kitchens need refrigeration systems running continuously, which can increase energy consumption. However, Make Up refrigerators provide a solution to this situation, maximizing energy efficiency.

Large Storage Space

Restaurant kitchens need to store a variety of foodstuffs. Make Up refrigerators offer large and customizable storage spaces, ensuring that food is kept organized and safe. Storage capacity is critical to keep kitchen staff working efficiently and maintain food freshness.

Sleek and Modern Design

If you’re looking for a refrigerator to match your kitchen decor, Make Up refrigerators are an aesthetically pleasing option. With its sleek and modern design, it enhances your kitchen environment and provides a professional look. Restaurant kitchens are places where visual appeal is as important as functionality. Make Up refrigerators fulfill this need and make both an aesthetic and functional contribution to your kitchen.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The design of Make Up refrigerators allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. The interior and exterior surfaces are easy to clean, helping you maintain hygiene standards. Hygiene is a top priority in restaurant kitchens and fridge cleanliness plays a critical role in food safety.

Reliable Cooling Performance

Reliable cooling performance is essential for keeping food fresh and safe. Make Up refrigerators keep food fresh for a long time with optimum cooling technologies. In restaurant kitchens, food safety is a critical factor that directly affects customer satisfaction and business success.

User Friendly Features

Equipped with user-friendly controls and settings, Make Up refrigerators make your kitchen staff’s job easier. Easily accessible controls ensure precise temperature adjustments. Restaurant kitchens require fast and efficient work, and user-friendly equipment increases staff productivity.

Customer Support and Warranty

Make Up reinforces its confidence in its products with a long-term guarantee and comprehensive customer support. In case of any problems, the professional support team offers fast and effective solutions. Restaurant businesses need reliable support and warranty service to ensure the continuous operation of their kitchen equipment.

Different Model Options

With a variety of models suitable for different needs and kitchen areas, Make Up refrigerators meet the needs of all kinds of restaurants. You can choose from models with different sizes and features. Restaurants may need refrigerators with different capacities and features, and Make Up offers this variety, adapting to the needs of every kitchen.

Return on Investment

Make Up refrigerators provide a solid return on investment for restaurant businesses with their long life and efficient performance. Energy savings and durability reduce operating costs and increase profitability. Every equipment investment for restaurants is evaluated in terms of long-term profitability and operational efficiency, and Make Up refrigerators are an ideal choice.


Make Up refrigerators are the perfect solution for restaurants, offering durable, energy efficient, ample storage space and a stylish design. With its high performance, long-lasting structure and user-friendly features, it becomes an indispensable part of restaurant kitchens. It increases the profitability of your business with energy savings and low operating costs, while providing assurance with comprehensive warranty and customer support. Make Up refrigerators are a smart investment for your restaurant and ensure long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are ICEINOX Make Up refrigerators made of?

ICEINOX refrigerators are made from high-quality and durable materials such as stainless steel.

What is the level of energy efficiency?

ICEINOX refrigerators are designed using energy-efficient compressors and insulation systems, so energy consumption is kept to a minimum.

How can storage space be customized?

Shelf and drawer systems can be easily adjusted and expanded according to the needs of your business.

What are the design features?

With its sleek and modern design, ICEINOX refrigerators add aesthetics and functionality to restaurant kitchens.

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