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About Us

Iceinox refrigerators have had a good reputation in the sector in a short time with the ongoing experiences of our NEW SUPERGAZ company established in 1974.

On this path we have set out, our desire and motivation to respond to the highest demands of our customers will continue until we become the world leader in the sector.

The service we provide and the products we produce on this road;

High Quality
Sensitive to nature and human health
Following new technologies
Resistant to heavy use conditions

We guarantee to our customers that we will produce without compromising the principles stated above, regardless of the period and conditions.

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Iceinox refrigerators have had good impressions in the sector in a short time with the ongoing experience of our NEW SUPERGAZ company, founded in 1974.

Offering the most perfect solutions for your cooling needs, Iceinox makes a difference with its experience and innovative approach in the sector.

Quality Standards


Quality Standards

Iceinox guarantees excellent performance and long life by using the highest level materials and production techniques in each of its products. With the meticulous quality controls carried out during the production process, the products stand out with their robust and robust structures resistant to heavy usage conditions.


Environmental Awareness

Gases such as CFC and HCFC used in production, we adopt an environmentally friendly approach by not damaging the ozone layer. Iceinox offers energy-saving and efficient cooling systems to its customers with innovative technologies, which means more cooling performance with less energy consumption.


Innovation and Technology

Iceinox, which constantly follows the latest technologies in the sector, continuously improves its products and offers innovative solutions to its customers. This is part of our vision to be the world leader in the industry.